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All money donated goes to my chosen charity The Honeypot children's charity.

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Why I want to raise money for Honeypot

It's a great opportunity to make a real difference to young children who have been lumped with distressing and difficult times that are quite literally stealing their childhood away from them day by day ... until it's too late. They are "young carers".  Now what strikes me special about these children is that they have already stepped up to the plate. They are already putting others before themselves. They are willingly and knowingly sacrificing their childhood for the benefit of others.

I'm pretty sure our society should not be reliant on young children to service itself. That's wrong and unfair. Honeypot may not be able to put this wrong to right, but they do make a real difference in giving these children part of their childhood back.

I chose Honeypot because I think they have a very different fund raising challenge to the big, established charities. They also only deal with kids in the UK (appropriate as I'm sailing round it) and they specialise in providing respite and support to children with this specific burden of having to be adults before their time and having to deal with circumstances that would be hard enough for any adult, let alone a 10 year old. Please read all about them here.

Here's a story from their web site, about Molly (not her real name):

Molly, aged seven, was physically abused as a baby by both her birth parents. Her injuries required her to have seven major operations to her head, two of which were to save her sight. Her sight is still poor but she is able to see with the aid of glasses. She lives with her grandparents who she calls “Mum & Dad”. Her Grandmother suffers from depression due to the terrible injuries her daughter inflicted on Molly and feels guilty that her age means she can’t play with Molly. Because her grandparents are becoming quite forgetful, Molly is gradually taking on more caring responsibilities. Honeypot provides Molly with the opportunity to experience new activities, like cycling, swimming and baking. She loves coming to Honeypot and has flourished since her first visit.

Read that? Now imagine it. She's 7. Please help me to help Honeypot to help her.