Stage 4 now under way

Post date: Aug 01, 2015 7:46:29 PM

I’ve started with a cracking 1st passage that includes a gem of a discovery day in and around Aberystwyth.

Looking back in my log book, I’d listed all my gripes about the boat at the start of stage 3. All 12 of them. I’m pleased to report that almost all of them have been rectified. The most important one being the VHF radio. Despite my new aerial at the top of the mast this was still giving me bad reception. But yesterday I did another bout of investigations and discovered an interim solution. Basically, I have 3 devices that need an aerial, two aerials and an aerial “junction box”. There are choices as to how to connect them all up. I tried all the choices and discovered that my radio actually reported a bad connection on the one configuration I had. Dunno why, but I’ve changed the configuration (using all the same components) and it all works. Good enough for me.

Another biggy was the fact that my boat leaked. This makes things rather damp inside. Well, I think I fixed that too! The port side window in the hull was not sealed properly so every time the boat leaned over water would come in. I sealed it more and so far so good. Result: Dry boat. Happy times.

I’ve got 3 things outstanding:

1. Winches need an overhaul

2. Foresail reefer can get stuck

3. Outboard motor flaky (though I think it’s the spark plug)

Getting there.