I have a file on board that contains the following paperwork:

I've also got a set of certificates and membership cards:

All this critical info is summarised on a laminated sheet for quick reference as per the picture on the right.

I spell my boats name and my call sign using the phonetic alphabet that we all know and love. I do actually know the phonetic alphabet, but there is nothing like a bumpy sea and a nervous situation to make you forget it at the critical moment when in yacht masterly communication with the coast guard. They frequently ask you to spell your boat name and nothing would be more embarrassing than to fumble around and say "Right yes, PRINCIPIA, I spell, Papa, err, Romulus, no, Remus, um, oh yes sorry, I meant Romeo, Indian, N, what's N?, damn, erm, Nautilus, no, ah, I remember, November" and so on and so forth.

So my laminate has details about the boat, then details about me and then details about my venture. I'll have two of these knocking about, one always on the chart table.

I also have all the relevant manuals for the various bits of equipment on the boat.

I have ensured that details as registered with the authorities are all up to date. This includes:

If you buy a life raft and/or a EPIRB/PLB then make sure you register it with the manufacturer as it can extend the warranty and you'll probably get a reminder when servicing is due.