Stowage space I never knew I had

Post date: Jul 09, 2015 7:23:7 PM

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you discover a whole new room in your house? Or maybe a completely new wing or a huge basement you never knew you had? I get them all the time. And you think to yourself (in the dream) “how on earth did I miss that? this is brilliant” and you then consider how to put the new space to good use.

Well, I got a mini real version of this on my boat. A few days ago, when my front cabin was particularly damp I cleared it right out and started to unscrew the boards under the mattress to see if there was water under there. I then noticed that the port board had no screws in it. Sloppy, I thought. And when I tried to lift it out it came away easily … revealing a large under-bed stowage space. I’ve had the boat for 10 years and never knew about this space! I put the screws back in the other board as the space extended under it.  What a delight. I immediately collected together various items erst-while stored unsatisfactorily and transferred them to their new home.

I sat back and admired my newly discovered and freshly populated stowage space. A thing of beauty it was. High five.