Assessing the cost of a Round Britain Sailing venture cannot really be generalised. There are lots of ways to do it and it depends very much on what you already have. You can go as crew on someone else's boat or you can go round in a dingy. If you go single handed like me and you don't have a boat then clearly the boat is going to be a pretty significant part of your expenses! So I can only give you the context of my situation and the expenses I incur.

You also need to factor in that by doing this challenge, you are very likely foregoing income which you would otherwise have had - so that in itself is a "cost". On the other hand there may be expenses that you avoid. For example, I will not renew my annual berthing fee and that will be a significant saving.

Here's a summary of what I think is involved for me:

The ballpark figure was what I estimated right at the very start when I decided "Let's do it". The considered estimate is the budget having worked things out a bit more carefully. The Actual cost speaks for itself.

Record of specific purchases

* Seems like not having a life raft would be deemed as madness, and I guess that's right. BIG outgoing though, which is a shame. Especially as I only need a 1 man life raft! Oh well. I could have rented one, but it would cost about half of buying one. Not worth the hassle really. SEAGO is the cheapest you can get, but it's still the real deal for my purposes. Let's hope I don't need it!

** Although my insurance cost a little extra to insure against theft of my life raft, my existing insurance does cover me for the whole trip as I've got all UK coastal waters. Worth checking, though.

Doing this venture in stages increases the expense significantly as the boat needs to be left in safe hands and return trips home paid for. These expenses are summarised separately below:

Apart from the above, costs are summarised as follows:

The return trips cost: £1,426

Preparation cost: £2,580

All other running costs: £3,573

Total cost of venture: £7,579

On average, it is cost me £44 per day once going.