Cripes, its cold...

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 8:11:28 PM

This is crazy. It's freezing. I bought some cooking oil in Whitby and it was solid in the morning!

For my top, I wear a thermal under vest, a shirt, a thick jumper, another even thicker jumper, a zip up jacket, my sailing trousers (which covers my body on top of all the above) and then my waterproof sailing jacket. That just about keeps me warm! I wear two sets of thick thermal socks inside my boots and my feet still get cold.

So I'm now In Blythe having completed two more passages since my last blog. You can read my passage notes to Hartlepool and from Hartlepool to Blyth, the latter containing a mid passage saga of resetting sails in the middle of a force 7. Strenuous stuff.

On Wednesday I plan to to sail up to Holy Island (Lindisfarne) and anchor there. It's the only day when there is some South in the wind, though it's probably going to be a tough one as the winds are still strong and the temperatures are still icy. Hopefully I'll make it as I'm looking forward to exploring all the delights of Lindisfarne.

Still, closing in on the completion of stage 1 - not long to Edinburgh now. One more passage after tomorrow will see me into Scotland!