Anchored off Holy Island

Post date: Apr 30, 2015 9:52:2 PM

Did I mention it was cold? It goes down to 0 degrees at night! Anyway...

I'm now anchored off in view of no less than 2 castles: Lindisfarne and Bamburgh. During today, Thursday, it has been so windy that I've not been able to get off the boat. The wind is testing my anchor which I had to watch like a hawk as it seems the boat was striving to drag it away.

But the passage here was fast and furious with F6 winds on the beam. Unfortunately my foresail broke loose and I had to do some quick thinking, hard work to fix it all as the boat surged through the heavy sea. Not easy. Read the full details in my Passage 9 write-up.

I've made friends with Jenny and Ben who have been travelling up the coast with me since Whitby on their boat Havsula. It's a bigger boat with a heating stove and I spent a warm afternoon and evening aboard their boat having coffee followed by a proper meal (unlike my usual can). It's been really nice to have a "buddy" over the last few days.

Tomorrow I pay homage to Lindisfarne properly as the wind has abated and I've got the dingy ready for explorations. I set off again on Saturday for ... SCOTLAND!