Stranded in Scrabster

Post date: May 25, 2015 4:31:43 PM

Looks like I'll be here a while. What to do? Not a lot of options, frankly. I cycled the 10 miles to Raey yesterday and it was bitter. Against the wind it's debilitating. Even with gloves on, my hands got frozen. I have to pedal hard in a low gear just to keep going DOWNHILL! It's a 25mph freezing, rain-splattered wind I'm cycling into. At least the return journey was fast (though wet) - I almost touched 40mph on the straight!

Point is, even cycling in this weather is pretty dire. I think I'll take the ferry back to Stromness as there's more stuff to do there than here. I've uploaded a photo album of my trips around the west main island and Hoy island.

You may also want to check out my latest snaps contained in my Passage 2 photo album.

The engine will very likely be fixed before the end of the week, and I know the weather won't let me out at least until the weekend.

That's sailing for you. The weather sometimes just doesn't play ball. The locals are all very bitter about it. They say it's never been so bad. Winter in May. Oh well.

It may also amuse you to hear that the harbour wifi's password was changed due to "too many people using it" and is now such a closely guarded secret that only the IT guys know it and they are not permitted to divulge it - not even to the Harbour Masters. So there's not many people using it now, that's for sure.

I am currently sitting in a laundry room in the fish market who have their own wifi and I'm using that. It stinks here.