What am I doing during all those lonely hours at sea?

Post date: May 17, 2015 9:58:2 PM

Good question! So far, my average passage time is 8 hours. The first thing to point out is, to be honest, I'm pretty BORED most of the time!

You are always on the lookout for hazards be they other boats, those lovely lobster pots or changing weather conditions. So one is constantly in a state of alert. Then there are sporadic moments where you have to make changes to your sails. I have to keep topped up on food (not much) and drink (mostly) and I check the charts, note progress, take photos and tweet (occasionally) and whatsapp if I can. And it's always focus time when leaving and arriving at port, either putting stuff away or getting ready for berthing.

If it's tough weather (and so far I think there's been a fair amount of that) then I have to helm and focus on the wind and the waves.

But there are many times when all is steady and I'm just sitting there. Yawn. I can't really do extra-curricular activities as it is too distracting. If it's not very enjoyable I shout motivational things to myself. Sometimes I sing weird stuff. Sometimes I talk a bit to myself. I often think of what I should blog about. But I'm normally looking forward to getting back into port or anchor!

So far, many of the sails have been quite stressful, so I'm counting down the hours to the end of the passage. Seems odd given that I like sailing, but as I've commented before, it's the shore time I enjoy most, though short, sunny, warm, not-too-windy sails are lovely. Haven't had many of those.

But that was always the challenge - sailing round Britain. If that part was comfy and easy it wouldn't be a challenge now would it? And the sense of achievement after each passage is very real.