Onward and upward...

Post date: Apr 26, 2015 8:16:15 PM

Two more passages see me in Whitby. 300 miles completed and with the exception of 2 hours the winds have been consistently against me. All the sailors I speak to who have sailed in the same direction as me are cursing the persistence of these horrible winds.

It seriously feels like they are taunting me. Every time I need to go in one direction or another (NW, N or NE), that's where the damn wind is coming from. Whinge whinge. C'est la vie. Besides, I reckon I'm doing pretty well as I've only resorted to 35% motoring time (which is a very good ratio). If it's at all feasible I will sail.

You can read about my 5th passage to Bridlington as well as my passage to Whitby that contains a lobster pot horror story and a eulogy on Whitby.

Whitby is so glorious that I have published a Whitby photo album specially for it! Otherwise, more photos in my stage 1 album here.