2,000 miles now covered, 1 day to go

Post date: Sep 12, 2015 6:35:44 PM

I'm now in Ramsgate after my fastest passage of the whole venture - 9 hours to cover 60 miles from Eastbourne to Ramsgate. Passage 53 also describes a fantastic discovery day on the Beachy Head cliff tops.

Passage 52 was a tough one against strong winds and waves, the last part in darkness. A change from the easy times I'd been having in the Solent.

So, having cracked 2,000 miles I've only got about 45 miles to go. And it'll be all over by mid afternoon tomorrow, Sunday 13th September. Let's hope I don't do anything stupid on the last passage - that would look silly.

In other news, my motoring milage for the whole venture is now below my target 30%. In order to keep that, all I have to do is sail more than 17 miles tomorrow. So I'm very pleased that my Stage 5 push to reduce motoring has payed off ... I hope (there's not much wind tomorrow, gulp).