At last I can now leave Scrabster

Post date: May 29, 2015 4:0:34 PM

I'll have been here for 8 nights. I can't say I'm sorry to leave.

The weather is not exactly playing ball and I have to pick my way through the continued low pressure systems arriving from the west. So tomorrow I leave early (6am) and will most likely be at sea for 24 hours.

I am excited and relieved that this painful period is almost over. Good things happened today that has put a spring in my step. First, my wallet was handed in. So while I've cut up all my cards, at least I have my drivers license and £40 cash I had. Apparently there's a Scottish procedure/custom whereby whoever handed in the lost property gets a cash reward paid by the property owner - a fiver in my case. Willingly given, though part of me queries the ethos of rewarding someone for not being a thief!

I had also ordered some more charts yesterday as I found I was missing some and they arrived as promised today. It's been a half decent day weather wise (though windy). I've cleaned the boat inside and out and done some more organising and so I feel everything is ship shape and bristol fashion.

Oh, and the harbour master has been MOST GENEROUS concerning my berthing fees and some money goes into the Honeypot pot!

Away we go ... YIPPEE!