On my lonesome ownsome

Post date: Jul 02, 2015 5:54:32 PM

This evening, Tuesday June the 30th, is the first time on this venture when I’ve felt uncomfortably alone.

A combination of things, I guess, contribute to this. First, I’m in an anchorage where I have no phone signal. So the ONLY people I can contact is Stornoway Coast Guard on VHF channel 16. I doubt they’d be happy to read me a bed time story,

Second there are 9 other boats anchored here (Loch Drambuie off Loch Sunart off the Sound of Mull). Unsurprisingly because this place is drop dead gorgeous. They are all bigger boats and no doubt contain couples, families or mates who are enjoying each others company in this lovely little Loch. Having a meal, a glass or two of wine and then to bed in nice dry cabins. So my solitude is all the more obvious by contrast. My passage to get here was tough and wet and, since my boat leaks, my cabin is by no means dry. So a bit of self pity creeping in there too!

Third, it was only yesterday morning when my wife left for home and I’m still missing her on the boat. I also never got to tell here I’d changed plan to stay in this Loch rather than go to Tobermory as advertised so now I’m worrying that she is worrying! Double worry.

Still, upside is that I can enjoy this idyllic spot and rest up from a hard day’s sail. It’s quite beautiful, very peaceful and … warm.  Shouldn’t complain.