How much is this malarky costing me?

Post date: Jun 26, 2015 10:10:41 AM

Not much by most people's standards probably and I am trying not to spend too much. I have a separate financials page that summarises my overall expectations which includes up-front costs of £2,840. In terms of ongoing costs we have £668 for stage 1 (see my stage 1 financials page) and £1,582 for stage 2 (see my stage 2 financials page).

Days away respectively was 24 and 46 so we have an average daily cost of £27.83 for stage 1 and £34.39 for stage 2. More for stage 2 because of £500 to fix my miserable engine.

So that's £32.14 per day for 70 days away, of which 20 days were occupied by passage making with an average of 9:20 hours per passage. Were in not for the costly return trips home (£365), I'd be averaging less than £27 per day to live and travel on the boat! That's not bad considering I'm having the time of my life!