Stage 3 about commence

Post date: Jun 26, 2015 10:35:25 AM

On Monday, 28th June my venture resumes.

I've been busy the last 3 weeks having a holiday in Wales, another holiday on the Isle of Sky and catching up on business.

The weather here in Scotland during June has been, apparently, absolutely abysmal and this week for our holiday on the Isle of Skye was no different. Clouds and Rain, lots of it.

Am I ready? Ready enough but not perfect. My back has mostly recovered (I needed the 3 weeks) but it is still delicate and I'll need to be extra careful. I've decided that it was not the strenuous walking, sailing or riding that did it. It's the continual crouching around inside the boat - there's nowhere in the boat where I can stand bolt upright. The muscle problem has migrated down into my left bum now and so I now have a difficult let leg - but I think it'll sort itself out.

I've also indulged somewhat on the food front and am not as fit and healthy as I was before the start of stage 1. And the weather coming up looks pretty awful. So I do not feel I'm ideally prepared but on the other hand I seriously expect conditions to improve. I really feel I deserve a bit of warmth and sunshine and the odd favourable wind. So my expectations are high!

I'm positive and looking forward to the continuing adventure.