The best decision I made was to ...

Post date: Apr 23, 2015 7:31:51 PM

...bring my bicycle!

It transforms this venture from a sea tour to a country discovery. The fact that I have the freedom to actually experience the places I go to is transforming. Just staying within the confines of each harbour seems so restrictive now.

I circumnavigated Grimsby today, and it was a joy. I got to see Cleethorpes which is a really nice sea front with  walks, entertainment, flowers and beach, all looking out onto the Humber estuary. I cycled further out and enjoyed some lovely parkland and picnic areas. As I travelled back I experienced all sorts from smelly industrial to homely residential areas.

I was out again in the early evening hunting for a good wifi hotspot in town. As it happens I never did find one, but now I've seen Grimsby town for what it's worth.

Cycling also gives me the opportunity to get exercise. I can't go to the gym or play squash any more. Sailing is pretty sedentary most of the time (well, not as bad as sitting at a desk, I suppose), but with frequent sudden exertions - which is why I increased my strength in preparation to make these occasions manageable.

I always take my phone that records my bike track using the MapMyRide app. Which is brilliant. Maybe I'll publish those rides up as well .. hmmm.