Every cloud has a silver lining

Post date: May 19, 2015 1:22:49 PM

OK, so I was in the middle of a rough entrance having (at other times) fierce tides and overfalls with a broken engine and a broken rudder. Read my last blog for details of this situation. But you know what? In hindsight, I prefer that scenario than the one which would have played out if nothing had gone wrong. 

Because today is an absolutely foul day. It's raining constantly, its very windy (F5-7) and, of course, it's cold. So had I been able to continue my intended 70 mile trip it would have been awful. I'd have got it done, mind, but I would have had to pile up on the MTFU pills. It will be interesting to see how Morris got on. I expect he'll be glad when it's over.

Instead I'm sitting cosy in my cabin writing this. What's more I've rediscovered my shore power and electric heater so I'm toasty warm (Thanks Rich).

Any road, PRINCIPIA is as far north as, I suspect, she will ever be. I'm in Stromness in the Orkney Islands. I'm not going to go 1 meter more north. Literally. I call that a milestone in this venture. High Five.

My last passages from Whitehills to Wick and from Wick to Stromness both had their challenges. My autopilot conked out and, of course, I crossed the fearsome Pentland Firth.

My attempt to leave today was thwarted as above. Looking at the weather I can't see a window of opportunity any time soon. I may be here for many days. It's a good place to be holed up, mind. Not short of archaeological sites, the Orkneys. So my bicycle will be my main mode of transport over the next few days and I suspect I'll get to know these islands quite well. Good opportunity.

So all in all, good job my engine broke down and my rudder bust. I think I'll be able fix them both without too much difficulty.