Passage 05, Grimsby to Bridlington

I had waited a day partly because there was the promise of winds from a Southerly direction for the first time since setting off (I'm going North remember). I got out into the Humber and it was flat calm! I motored out the Humber and it was still flat calm. Motor motor motor. At least it was sunny. So sunny in fact that for a while it was shorts and tea-shirt. More motor. I was actually making for Scarborough, but I couldn't stand the thought of motoring all the way there and since there was a tinsy-wincy bit of wind I decided to cut my losses and have an oh-so-gentle sail to Bridlington. So I cut the motor and sailed slowly for the remaining 10 miles to Bridlington.

I had to hang about outside until the tide was at least half way up so that I could slide onto my pontoon that the Harbour master had assigned to me. Boring but necessary.

I planned to leave the next day at 11am for Whitby so I took the opportunity for a bike ride. So I biked over to Flamborough head. Co-incidentally, wind is as much a factor of progress for bicycles as it is for sailing boats and with the lovely South-Westerly winds (now considerably strengthened) I flew over there but had quite a battle to get back in time for my departure. But it got me excited for the forthcoming sail to have favourable winds for once. Still, it was great to get out to the head and see where I was to be going.

Bridlington looked nice place but I didn't explore it much - too busy getting to Flamborough. I had a chat with the race director who was going out for a race and did the Honeypot spiel. I left him my calling card and a couple of people now follow me on twitter...have to build up the social.


50 miles of rather dull motoring ending with a lazy sail.

Lessons learned

Passage 06, Bridlington to Whitby