Whatever happened to Morris?

Post date: Jun 04, 2015 6:32:55 PM

The more attentive readers of my blogs may remember my disastrous bid to escape the north coast from Stromness in the Orkneys. Morris was the chap who made the same bid and left about 45 minutes before me on that cold winter morning at 4:30 am.

I thought he'd gone out a bit early as the sea in Hoy mouth looked pretty nasty. Anyway, I was quite relieved to have gotten an email from him a few days later. He said it wasn't that bad getting out but after 3 hours "all hell broke loose" and he had to alter course to Scrabster which is where I ended up a few days later albeit under tow from the Thurso lifeboat.

He too could not make progress and so he ended up going back and planned to go through the Caledonian canal to get to the west coast. So all well with Morris. Hopefully we will meet again during my stage 3. I also hope to meet up with Jenny and Ben. And also with a couple of other circum-navigators. Should be a sociable stage 3.

Of course, I am under contract, so to speak, to sail round Britain - which is what I will continue to do!