Reached Scotland! Recap of last 2 days of stage 1

Post date: May 03, 2015 12:58:39 PM

I don't think I've ever experienced so much in 48 hours. While in one way this is a good, life affirming thing, in another way it has really tested me. But I passed!

First, read about my day on Holy Island where I walked the full perimeter for 8 miles and cycled to the mainland for 15 miles. It was the first time I transported my bike precariously on my dingy to shore. By the end of this day I was more knackered than any sailing day. Which was good practice for the next day ...

Read about my final passage to Dunbar where my resourcefulness, stamina and fear were all put to the test. The day started at 5:15am when I spent the first 3 hours unravelling my anchor rope from my keel. Following a fast and furious passage I had to overcome the most frightening entry into a harbour I have ever experienced in heavy seas with rocks all around me. My final challenge was to spend 2 hours positioning and checking the boat against a harbour wall between 2am and 4am the next morning - in the cold pouring rain and with the wind howling; by that time, the weather was turning seriously nasty.

I am happy to report that I conquered all these challenges and so my tiredness is mixed with a great sense of achievement. Time for some recuperation at home (ah, a warm house and bed, what luxury) and then onward to stage 2, going round the top of Scotland, in a week or two. I just hope it's a bit warmer!