Passage 25, Loch Aline to Puilladobhrain

Euch. Rained all the way. As usual the wind was against but it was a short trip of 20 miles and it was all over in 4 hours due to some tidal help. Sometimes the rain was so thick I could’t see a thing.

I’d gone in the morning and the afternoon was free to do as I choose. Puilladobhrain is a popular little anchorage and by the time evening came there were a dozen boats in there. The rain had all but cleared in the afternoon and I was tempted to get the dingy out and row ashore with my new 2-oar capability. But I didn’t for 3 reasons. First it still looked like it would rain (it did a bit), second I’m on family doctors orders to take it easy on account of my back/leg, third I’d not be able to go far on shore anyway as it would involve walking and my bum/leg problem prevents that activity.

So I stayed on the boat and tried to keep myself occupied. Mainly by pouring over charts of the west coast and Irish sea to plan out the pattern of my passages as I make my way down. I came up with a medium term plan that involves hopping down the east coast of Ireland, but I still don’t know where/when I will take my next break. So that decision has yet to be made.

The evening turned out beautiful and once again I got to sit outside and enjoy the scenery. All good.


20 mile miserable sail with wind against and favourable tide - rained practically the whole way. But the anchorage was lovely.

Passage 26 Puilladobhrain to Craobh Haven