Winter weather

Post date: May 24, 2015 3:56:35 PM

A series of wintery lows keep on coming from the Atlantic bringing strong, wet and cold westerly winds that continue to put a barrier against my progress.

In the words of the Harbour Master here at Scrabster: “It’s ridiculous, we’re getting winter weather in late May.”.

Weather’s not the only barrier, mind. Consider what else it’s taken me to go the measly 15 miles from Stromness to Scrabster which in itself can only be described as the most marginal of improvements in my progress to date:

This whole sorry saga is covered in my Passage 17 notes. It’s not all doom and gloom though. My notes describe my sightings of two huge killer whales (a few meters away), a school of frolicking dolphins just feet away and some great sight seeing in the Orkneys. I am now marooned in Scrabster (not really a tourist spot) for at least 4 days awaiting weather and engine fix. I'll winkle out its treasures ... I always do.

I’ll get out of here one way or another. I’ve tried twice; I am optimistic for my third attempt!