I do hope patience is a virtue

Post date: Sep 08, 2015 8:46:11 PM

Because I have exercised buckets full of the stuff. The last two passages have been in the lightest of light winds. But sailable, all the same. Which means I will not shirk my responsibilities and bung the motor on like everyone else as I'm trying to sail round this island, not motor.

So you get this rather comical picture of silly old me flapping about in the open sea while every one else is whizzing by getting from A to B in a business like fashion using propellors.

Passage 49 was pretty slow getting to Chichester, but leaving Chichester, in passage 50 was super slow. I literally drifted out with the tide. I could have pointed the boat towards the harbour and I'd still have got carried out. That would have looked hilarious to all the boats motoring past me with quizzical smiles on their faces. Passage 50 was my record slowest passage. Go me.

But each time my patience was rewarded as, eventually, some wind does appear and I did get to my destination. And that in itself is a source of (retrospective) satisfaction that I held out and got there in the end.

Sadly these testing times are about to come to an end to be replaced with a different situation - winds against me. Ah, the good old days.