I will be making many individual trips - at least 50, probably more. I'll need a bit of discipline, structure and routine to make sure I apply consistent standards of safety. But it's not just about safety. I'll want to keep communications and blogs going and I'll want to make sure I make the most of every trip. So, here's my ideas on this:

Before passage
  1. Have a clear passage plan & pilotage that includes bad weather alternatives
  2. Have a clear understanding of the weather forecast
  3. Prepare food and drink as appropriate
  4. Test and check the engine
  5. Inform the coast guard of my passage
During passage
  1. Wear a life jacket
  2. Be clipped onto the boat when at sea unless in calm conditions and in the cockpit
  3. Carry my PLB
After passage
  1. Inform coast guard of my arrival

  1. Write a blog
  2. Tweet loads
  3. Update ships log
  4. Take lots of photos and post up when possible
  5. Have GoPro video on, edit and upload when possible
  6. Make reasonable efforts to get further sponsorship
  7. Call my wife (!)

  1. Keep clean and shave!
  2. Eat sensibly
  3. Get ashore at every opportunity (pump up dingy if necessary) and explore locale
  4. Use bicycle to exercise and explore further afield
  5. Be social

Galaxy S5

Specific electronic updates I must do on my phone (Galaxy S5) before I go to bed:
  • Update calendar with tomorrow's plan and any other new future plans
  • Update google S/S with today's log summary
  • Update total miles on web site
MacBookI can upload and manage photos with my phone but for any larger blogs, video and general web-site changes I'll use my MacBook. This can be tethered to my phone for internet access and I can charge it through my inverter. But it's altogether a more heavy-weight operation and wifi access would be preferable.