Website coming along nicely

posted 9 Mar 2015, 11:21 by Dominic Thwaites   [ updated 9 Mar 2015, 11:22 ]
So I've enhanced the website and set up other appropriate solutions for communications, which is key.

To summarise:
  • Blogs: I'm continuing with these blogs, and I have made it clear that the easiest thing for people to do is subscribe to them via email. 
  • Photos: I'm going to post these up into albums on Google+. This is much easier for me to do (straight from my phone) and gives the viewer a much better interface than trying to stash the photos directly into this web site.
  • Videos: I'm going to post these straight up onto a YouTube channel. Again easy and the context is optimised for the viewer.
  • Twitter: I've created a dedicated user (@roundbritsail) and will tweet as you do to get all the goodness out of this medium.
I'm maintaining my financials page as I spend, spend, spend. Erk.

I've created a new Documents page that overviews the documentation I have on board.

I've also made sure that people can sponsor me/donate to Honeypot using 3 different methods as detailed here. Relying on JustGiving is a little restrictive, although it's a very good service.

I also plan to change my photo on the main page as I look like an alien.