Making myself known to raise money for Honeypot

posted 5 Mar 2015, 13:32 by Dominic Thwaites   [ updated 5 Mar 2015, 13:49 ]
I have to admit, self promotion (or any kind of promotion) is not really my thing. More introvert than extravert. So getting people to come to this site and donate money does not come naturally. But I now consider this task all part of the challenge.

Awkwardly I truly have absolutely no clue on the amount of money I can expect to raise and the JustGiving site insists on your inputting a target for all to see! I have not the foggiest, so I put in £5,000. It's going to a bit embarrassing if I end up with a couple of hundred quid. Fear of failure eh, it's a nasty disease. On the other hand, I notice their default amounts are £10, £20, £50, £100 which seem to me reassuringly optimistic. If you're reading this and thinking of £1, for goodness sake don't feel obliged to give more - every bit counts!

I now feel a real connection with Honeypot and I want to do the best I can for them. I'll be meeting up with them and will even visit their "Honeypot House" in the New Forest which is where they take the children for a holiday break. So how am I going to deliver?

It's strange because while every donation will benefit these children I feel a certain selfishness in wanting to achieve as much as possible because the figure raised will give me personal satisfaction and inspiration to get the job done. And while the job is going to be tough it's also a huge personal opportunity and dream.

Anyway, if I put aside this introspective concern, I think it's right to say that I want people to donate both because of who I am and what I am doing as well as for the charity itself. There. Got that cleared up!

It's still several weeks before I start off and so there's no hurry, In fact it may well be too early as there's going to be more "live" action once I'm under way. I don't want to peak too early! So here's what I'm thinking:
  • Tell my immediate family first and have them check this site out and, cross fingers, get some donations! I did this yesterday.
  • Full "release" to family & friends.
  • Next we're into larger circles of people we (me and my wife) know that include the following (It may be best to hold off on this until nearer the time):
    • Past and present business associates
    • My street neighbourhood
    • My squash club (I'm quite well known there as I run the tournaments)
    • My wife's archaeology club!
  • Then we're into communities of people I don't know; publicity basically
    • Burnham Yacht Harbour (where I keep my boat)
    • The Yachting press (Yachting Monthly and Practical Boat Owner) - I'll call them and see if I can get some press coverage from them - you never know
    • Bucks Examiner (my local newspaper) - this may be a bit of a long shot
Once underway, I shall make it a policy to ask every service provider (mainly harbour berthing fees) to donate their fee (that I have to pay them) to Honeypot. I gather this is quite a reasonable request and often acquiesced. Perhaps I'll get me a bucket which I can park at my mooring with a suitable notice asking for donations from fellow mariners.

I could prance around each port pro-actively collecting donations, but I'm afraid that's one step too far for me. I have my limitations and I'll be knackered most of the time.

Anyone got any other suggestions? Let me know.