A Plan for a Plan

posted 19 Feb 2015, 06:46 by Dominic Thwaites   [ updated 19 Feb 2015, 07:28 ]

Let’s stick a date in the calendar: 18th April 2015. That’s when I leave Burnham on my epic set of mini-voyages. Assuming the weather’s OK, otherwise I’ll be leaving later. Today is the 15th February. I have 2 months to prepare. What do I need to do: Here’s a broad categorisation of my tasks:

  • Charity: Choice, sponsorship, advertising

  • Comms: Social media, blogging, pictures, videos etc

  • Me: Physical, mental, education (for example, get to grips with meteorology!)

  • Boat: Readiness, cleanliness, equipment, insurance, navigation aids (charts/books)

  • Passage plans and schedules

  • Routines, diet, methods and habits to be deployed on passage

  • Finances and budget