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Dom's Round Britain Announcements

This blog contains short sharp announcements on progress made.

Stage 5 photos published

posted 15 Sept 2015, 08:25 by Dominic Thwaites

Use my View my Photos link to access all my photos

Venture complete - new blogs available

posted 15 Sept 2015, 03:57 by Dominic Thwaites

Now in Weymouth for a 3 day break

posted 28 Aug 2015, 11:26 by Dominic Thwaites

I've written up my last two passages. Passage 41 includes a wonderful discovery day on the Devon coast and passage 42 was a 55 mile lovely sail to Weymouth. I'm staying here for the long weekend with my wife who is coming down to visit me. I'll get going again on Monday or Tuesday,

Pretty graphs

posted 20 Aug 2015, 09:44 by Dominic Thwaites

I'm starting to collate statistics, as you do ... Check these pretty pie charts out for some stats so far on my 38 passages

Couple of items of interest ...

posted 19 Aug 2015, 12:14 by Dominic Thwaites

1. I've loaded my track with my stop-overs and blogs overlaid on Google Maps. This is linked from my site.
2. I've uploaded a video of Dolphins swimming directly beside and under my bow!


Photos from stage 4 for posted up

posted 13 Aug 2015, 13:25 by Dominic Thwaites   [ updated 13 Aug 2015, 13:26 ]

Check my selection of photos from stage 4

Last 3 passage notes posted up

posted 8 Aug 2015, 13:07 by Dominic Thwaites   [ updated 8 Aug 2015, 13:48 ]

Better put the kettle on. You’ve lots to catch up on. Passage 34 ended in a gale but describes the wonderful 3 days I had in Fishguard. Passage 35 involved two tricky tidal gates and Passage 36 was huge. 16 miles in 27.5 hours. Dolphins galore.

Stage 3 complete, photos and passage notes uploaded

posted 15 Jul 2015, 04:20 by Dominic Thwaites   [ updated 15 Jul 2015, 04:21 ]

I have uploaded more photos for stage 3. And my two passages taking me from Ireland to Isle of Man to Wales have been written up. And you can see my stage 3 financial summary too. Enjoy. Break now, venture will continue in 2 or 3 weeks time.

New passage notes written up

posted 11 Jul 2015, 12:58 by Dominic Thwaites

Passage 29 which includes my experiences in Belfast and Passage 30 which was a failed attempt to sail to the Isle of Man

Now in the heart of Belfast

posted 9 Jul 2015, 13:15 by Dominic Thwaites

Passage 29 takes me to a marina in the middle of Belfast, facilitating sightseeing. I've written up passage 27 and passage 28 that took me out of Scotland. Watch out for Passage 29 notes that will include my Belfast experiences.

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